Pliers, gloves found on suspect in Johns Creek



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – A suspicious man was arrested Dec. 26 for giving a false name to police. He was suspected of breaking into cars.

A caller told police they saw a man in dark pants, stocking cap and gray hoodie walking around the parking lot of the Target on State Bridge Road, ducking around and behind vehicles.

Police found the suspect, who identified himself first as “Nicholas Miles,” then “Mowdy Nickolas Miles” and finally his real name, Nicolas Miles Staples, 27, of Lawrenceville.

He claimed he was in the parking lot to shop at the Target. The officer notes that Staples had no form of identification or method of payment. A search of Staples turned up a pair of needle nose pliers and 20 pairs of latex gloves.

Staples was arrested for giving a false name to police.

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