Plea to save Dinsmore barn

Piece of history on library site



MILTON, Ga. - Robert Meyers, a member of the Milton Charter Commission and a local historian, spoke to the City Council July 16, pleading they pressure Fulton County to save the barn on the site of the new library.

The Atlanta Fulton Public Library Board made the decision last month to buy the Dinsmore Farm, at the intersection of Charlotte Drive and Mayfield Road, just outside of Crabapple. Currently there are two old homes and a barn on the site.

“Sometimes when properties are sold and a barn is on the property, the new owners may exercise their constitutional rights and tear the barn down,” Meyers said. “In some cases, a barn will disappear literally overnight.”

He suggested moving the barn to a corner of the property, or somewhere else entirely. Barring that, the new library could incorporate the barn as a whole or pieces of it into the design.

“I believe it is worth the effort to save this barn,” he said. “The potential for such a historic treasure is limitless.”

Meyers wrote an award-winning books on the barns of Old Milton County.

Code Red

alerts residents

MILTON, Ga. - In the case of an emergency, how does the city get in touch with its residents?

Fire Marshal Matt Marietta offered a solution to council July 16 in the form of “Code Red,” a reverse 911 system that can make blanket calls to areas of the city, or all residents if need be.

“Currently the city of Milton has no way of notifying citizens in case of emergencies, tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning,” Marietta said.

He said most of Milton's neighbors have several means of alerting of danger, such as tornado sirens and web-based programs. Milton has no sirens.

“This is used by just about all surrounding jurisdictions,” he said.

The council unanimously approved applying for the service.

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