Playful prank goes too far in Forsyth



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Two employees took pranking each other to THE extreme, according to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s incident report.

An employee of Samuel and Sons, 1900 Grassland Parkway, told deputies April 9 he was assaulted by another employee.

He said his co-worker hit him in the arm with three pieces of lumber.

Deputies saw a small cut on the victim’s left forearm, which appeared swollen and tender to the touch.

The victim said he and the co-worker played pranks on each other by placing different items inside their work gloves.

He said one morning, the co-worker hid nails inside his gloves. He thought the prank went too far, so he got him back by stapling the co-worker’s work coat sleeve shut.

The co-worker confronted the victim and threatened to either staple his work coat or break his ribs with the piece of lumber he had in his hand.

The victim thought the co-worker was bluffing, but the co-worker then pulled his arm back and struck him with the piece of lumber.

The co-worker left after the incident, and deputies have been unable to reach him.

FH 04-23-14

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