Plaque Busters rewards Lake Windward with $1,000



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Never question the potential of a first-grader to recruit for a good cause. First-grader Carson Phillips received a $1,000 reward Nov. 7 for his school from Dr. Leslie Gaskill on behalf of Plaque Busters. Phillips recruited the best team of any elementary student and school for the inaugural Plaque Busters 5K and Fun Run held at Johns Creek Technology Park.

He proved that with determination and hard work he could reach his goal to win for the prevention of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

“[He’s] blessed with the gift of gab,” his mother Lisa Phillips said. “Carson canvassed the neighborhood with flyers, and spread the word in his school.”

Runners got great exercise, a T-shirt and supported a good cause at the same time. Some of the sponsors and booth participants included Northside Hospital, Kroger, Totally Running and Gastroenterology Associates.

Plaque Busters, founded by Dr. Leslie Gaskill, is a Johns Creek-based health and wellness mission that empowers children and adults for the prevention heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

“Atherosclerosis, which is plaque in the arteries, is a disease that often starts in children. We are working hard to educate the family unit so that healthier lifestyles and habits can be adopted at a young age. Additionally, it is important that parents understand disease can often be detected and reversed in both children and adults many times with lifestyle changes,” Gaskill said.

Other education and community event information can be found on the Plaque Busters website at or

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