Perimeter Church in Johns Creek tells the full story on Easter



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – There was overflow seating only at the 10:45 a.m. Easter service March 31 at Perimeter Church in Johns Creek. Families arrived in crowds to listen to Perimeter’s musical worship leaders and Pastor Randy Pope’s holiday message.

“So many people on Easter, in my opinion, don’t really get the full story of what it means to be a follower of Christ,” Pope said.

So his message on Sunday focused on the birth, the life and the death of Jesus.

“This is what He’s done for us, but there’s pain involved. It’s not supposed to be sugarcoated,” Pope said. “At Easter, we’re just trying to declare the story of He’s risen, but there’s a lot behind that.”

John Bosworth, a member of the church, brought his whole family to service on Sunday. Bosworth believes the purpose of this Easter is to acknowledge the religious context and to use that to reaffirm your beliefs. “It’s a celebration of the Resurrection,” Bosworth said of the holiday.

Julia Chamblee joined her family at Perimeter – as she does every Sunday – to hear the modern spin the church places on its services.

“It’s a very contemporary service,” Chamblee said. “It puts Jesus more into the everyday and not just the biblical perspective.”

Chamblee attended service with her husband, daughter, and four grandchildren.

Audrey Sinclair, a visitor to the church, says Easter has other meanings as well. “It’s a time for family,” Sinclair said as she drank coffee with her two daughters after service. “Easter is the perfect excuse to visit or call loved ones you haven’t connected with in a while.”

Pope’s hope is that everyone who attended the service on Sunday will feel empowered to continue exploring Christianity.

For those who are already Christians, Perimeter aims to help them become stronger and more equipped in their religion.

For members of the community who are looking for a new church family, the Taste of Perimeter dinner is held each month to invite members of the outside community to come in and hear the story of the beginning of the church and learn more about it.

For people who are undecided about their religion, Perimeter created the Investigative Forum or “IF” series.

Pope said that when the church first started, the founders wanted to create a place where people can come and be safe to investigate.

The IF series is a product of that intention. Pope said the purpose of the program is to encourage people to discuss questions such as “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?” in the setting of the church.

The three-week program is separated into separate topics that will be covered each Sunday from April 14 to 28.

“Week in and week out, we want people to understand the gospel,” Pope said. “The whole point every week, Easter particularly, is to understand the good news of what He’s done for us and that’s the heart of the story.”

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