Parks make Roswell ‘Happy’



ROSWELL, Ga. – Many are familiar with the Pharrell Williams song “Happy,” but few would guess that such a chipper song would serve as a perfect marketing tool. As of late, the trendy tune has appeared in multiple marketing campaigns as well as YouTube videos, including a lively remake by none other than the Atlanta Police Department. The Child Development Association (CDA) possesses its own rendition of the hip song in a slide show on its website.

Happy-ness is spreading everywhere, it seems, including cheerful Roswell, where the Community Relations Division of the city recently took their creativity up a notch with their own “Happy” video, featuring their own version of the song, claiming Roswell’s parks “make us happy.”

“We had been talking to the Recreation and Parks Department about promoting everything they do,” said Julie Brechbill, community relations manager for the city of Roswell.

Brechbill said Karen Zitomer, community relations coordinator, “came up with ‘Happy’ because Recreation and Parks makes everybody happy.”

Not only does “Happy” reflect the joyful spirit of the Roswell Recreation and Parks Department, but also the overall feel of the city itself.

“People really love living [in Roswell],” Brechbill said. “This project was completed 100 percent in-house with city staff in the Community Relations Division. We worked on it over a five-week period off and on.”

Joel Vasquez, visual media designer, mixed the music on his home equipment.

The video consists of two singers and co-writers of the parody lyrics, Zitomer and Carisa Turner, public relations specialist, guiding viewers through the programs and services of the Roswell Recreation and Parks Department.

“We used a lot of residents in our video,” said Turner. “It gives a more personal touch to the video.”

Residential pride is clear in the parody.

“You can’t force that sort of joy. We had a blast filming. We were just happy to be a part of the video,” Zitomer said.

Roswell’s heart beats to the sound of “Happy.” To view the video and find out more, visit


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