Parent appreciates ‘Cool Parents’ column



Thank you for your opinion piece, “Open letter to parents who want to be cool.”  In a culture of political correctness and deteriorating morals and ethics, it’s so refreshing to see someone speak their mind very candidly about topics and issues that are so often deliberately avoided.  And in a manner that goes against what seems to be the popular frame of mind.

I am one of those parents who chooses not to be cool.  My husband and I have an almost 15-year-old and a 12-year-old, and we are known for being pretty strict.  Our kids were the last in their circles to get cell phones, and our daughter wasn’t allowed on Facebook till she was 13 and a half – and even then, I didn’t feel great about allowing her to have a page.

I recently read an article about “Teen Night” at Wild Bills in the AJC and was shocked that any parent in his/her right mind would think this is a good idea. You are teaching your young teen how to go clubbing. 

Trust me, they will learn in due time how to go clubbing.   Have we run out of things for our teens to do that causes us to think that delivering them to a bar before they can drive is OK?

I read the story in The Herald about the couple who had a keg party in their home and were serving underage kids. What were they thinking?  I suppose they have seriously rethought this and have regrets since their arrests. 

What ever happened to protecting your children and their innocence for as long as possible?  Now it seems that there’s a race to see whose child can be the most worldly first. I am full willing to lose this race.

Anyway, I applaud you for going out on a limb and speaking against the “cool parent” thing, because I feel often that I am the “odd man out” regarding the decisions I make on behalf of my children. 

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