PBS celebrity Joe the Gardner moves to Milton

‘Growing a Greener World’ begins filming in November



MILTON, Ga. – “Growing a Greener World,” an American Public Television production, will begin filming promos at host Joe Lamp’l’s new home in Milton next month.

In its fourth season, the show focuses on educating viewers about living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

“We work to help people learn how to do good things for the planet,” Lamp’l said.

Episodes for season four begin filming in February.

“The first few episodes will focus on getting my garden started, and my property ready,” he said.

Lamp’l spent 25 years in the Atlanta area and is happy to be back.

“We’ve filmed the show in North Carolina for the past three seasons and I’ve tried to get my family to move back here for five years now,” he said.

“Milton is a great place to live and a perfect location for the show.”

The main set will be Lamp’l’s home, a 5-acre property in Milton, but because the show is national, much of it will be filmed off site.

“We are certainly going to spend time focusing on local businesses and their efforts to be eco-friendly,” he said.

“As a matter of fact, I just visited with Milton’s Cuisine and Cocktails, and got to see their garden. They’re doing great stuff.”

The show is co-hosted by “Garden Girl” Patti Moreno and celebrity chef Nathan Lyon, the host of Discovery Health and Fit TV’s series, “A Lyon in the Kitchen.”

Right now, “Growing a Greener World” is not a part of the local public broadcasting system and can only be viewed online in the metro area.

“The show runs in 48 states and of course one of the ones it doesn’t, is Georgia,” Lamp’l said.

He is in contact with the PBS station here and is hopeful it will begin airing the show during season four, but for now, asks locals to watch online.

“We have over one million viewers and are broadcast on over 415 stations,” he said.

“We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and would love for our new home state of Georgia to be able to see us on their TVs.”

To find out more information about the show and view previous episodes, visit www.growingagreenerworld.com.

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