Overture at Encore townhomes start construction



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Ten years ago, a large lot of land on Westside Parkway was approved for development. Now, earth-moving has finally begun, catching many residents off guard.

At the corner of Westside Parkway and Encore Parkway is an 11.59-acre lot owned by John Wieland Homes. Called “Overture at Encore,” it will feature 76 townhomes, for a density of 6.50 units per acre.

The builders have begun clearing the trees in anticipation to begin building.

“It was approved with Cousins Westside [master plan] several years ago,” said Kathi Cook, deputy director of community development for Alpharetta.

The master plan and everything on it were approved by the City Council Oct. 27, 2003, when the 219-acre tract of land was approved. This land would go on to include much of the current townhomes and development in that area on the west side of Ga. 400.

“That lot was approved for for-sale residences, which includes townhomes,” Cook said.

Sometimes, when a development is approved, there is a timetable associated with it – a “reversion clause” – that requires the development to at least begin within a certain amount of time. While Cook said this clause is common, one was not included on the Cousins property. Also, such a clause would not apply.

“There has been activity on the Master Plan since 2003,” Cook said, adding that Overture at Encore is similar to what is already built in the area.

“It will fit in with what is already built there,” she said.


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