Outdoor social network ‘Live Out’ to launch in December



ROSWELL, Ga. – Growing up in Roswell before attending the University of Georgia, Scott McGuire said he’d always had a passion for sports and the outdoors, but he found it harder to connect with people who shared his interests.

After talking with friend Josh Daniels, the two came up with an idea for “Live Out,” a social network dedicated to outdoor activities and sports.

“We want to bring everyone together so they can better connect to the outdoors,” McGuire said.

Expected to launch in December, the site will provide a forum for outdoor enthusiasts to connect with others in the area through mutual interests and will allow those involved in adventure sports to find people based on a similar skill-level.

“We’re hoping to save people time by setting up a one-stop shop for the outdoor and adventure sports fans,” McGuire said.

After registering, members will be able to log on to the website and create a profile, which will then allow them to message and chat with others through the site.

Members will also be able to search for the best campgrounds, skate parks, ski slopes, mountain biking trails and places to go fishing in the area and across the country.

McGuire said that the network will not only encourage, but enable people to participate in outdoor activities, adding that there are 40 different adventure sports and outdoor recreational activities that pertain to the site.

“You can find maps, join forums, enter blogs, participate in video contests, set goals and earn badges for different achievements,” he said.

Additionally, members will be able to sell outdoor and sports gear through the site as well as plan group events.

McGuire said a “Live Out Launch Giveaway” will soon be held as a way to award outdoor gear to fans on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Live Out is free to join, and can be found at www.liveout.org.

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