Online, phone scams of Forsyth County residents abound



CUMMING, Ga. — Several Forsyth County residents have been duped by online and telephone scam artists, according to separate Forsyth County Sheriff’s incident reports.

On Oct. 9, a man in the 4600 block of Evandale Way told deputies he tried to renew his green card online and was charged $149 on his credit card.

The man later found out the website he had used,, was not affiliated with the government.

On Oct. 24, a man in the 6100 block of Menlow Court told deputies he received several phone calls and emails “from the United Nations” telling him he won $4.5 million and he needed to send $1,073.80 to cover fees so he could receive his prize.

The victim told deputies after receiving so many emails and phone calls he “gave in and sent them the money.”

On Oct. 26, a woman in the 5300 block of Kings Common Way reported to deputies her mother fell prey to a scammer.

The woman told deputies her mother got a phone call by a company called “Mega Millions” and was told she won a car.

To have the car shipped to her home, the victim was told she needed to put $495 on a MoneyPac card, give him the PIN number and send the card to an address in Nevada.

The victim did as she was told, but didn’t get a car.

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