Oklahoma! hits the Playhouse stage



CUMMING, Ga. — The beloved “Oklahoma!” musical is bringing a little bit of the west to Cumming.

Cumming Playhouse has set the stage for Oklahoma!, written by the great Richard Rodgers-Oscar Hammerstein.

The show opens Thursday, July 10 and runs through Aug. 3 at 101 School Street.

“It’s a really neat story about a simpler time in history when the hope was for land and the hope was for people to get along together,” said Colleen Quigley, the show’s director.

The musical features a love story set on the backdrop of the Old West frontier, when Americans began to settle in the area.

“You have the handsome cowboy and his love interest and then you have a couple of really great comedic characters as well,” said Leigh Ann Cannady, the producer and music director. “It’s just a really fun, family friendly, heartwarming story.”

The play stars LauraBeth Hettinger and Michael Arens as Laurie and Curly.

“We have actors coming from all over the metro area, but the bulk of our cast is from right here in Cumming,” Cannady said.

Cannady said that Playhouse audiences can expect to see familiar faces.

“It’s a real community event,” Cannady said. “The talent is really amazing for what we have in our community and what they’ve been able to produce.”

Cannady and Quigley have been a team for about 10 years.

“We’ve done a lot of shows together and we’re really dear friends,” said Cannady.

The show is also offering the audience the opportunity to donate $5 to the Lions Club. Guests who give a $5 donation will receive a Longhorns Steakhouse appetizer.

For more information visit www.playhousecumming.com.


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