Office worker victim of possible chemical attack in Johns Creek

Letter may have contained irritant



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – A local woman may have been the victim of a chemical attack May 3 when she opened a mysterious letter posted from South Carolina.

A strange letter arrived at the Reagan Medical Center on Medlock Bridge Road in Johns Creek. The manila envelope was simply addressed to the center itself, not to a person.

Inside the envelope were two pieces of paper with a letter typed on them.

As the victim who opened the envelope was holding the paper to read it, she said her hands began to turn red and she felt a burning sensation in both hands.

The Centers for Disease Control was contacted. Authorities said the chemical agent could be any number of possible things and will have to be analyzed.

The CDC said since the burning and redness were localized in the victim’s hands, it was not life threatening and no other members of staff should be affected.

“The woman was not in respiratory or neurological distress, and was treated and released by her doctor,” said Doug Nurse, Johns Creek Police spokesman. “We have sent the package to the CDC and are awaiting results.”

According to police, the letter inside the envelope was a rambling one from a “Shannon M” in Columbia, South Carolina.

Office staff said they did not know the sender.

MH 05-14-14

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