Northwind Gymnastics named Club of the Year



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Northwind Gymnastics has added another award to its stable. The gymnastics club has been named Georgia Gym Club of the Year for 2012-13.

Besides its most recent award, Northwind Gymnastics boasts numerous state titles and regional and national qualifiers in the Junior Olympics.

Some of the individuals who received state titles or other recognitions are Katie Canady, Audrey Capinegro, Ella Castellanos, Berkeley Chandler, Maggie Coyle, Ella Danyo, Anushka Dave, Anna Denissiouk, Annikka Fairfield, Lauren Gist, Hensley Graham, Eliza Greco, Morgan Hassel, Evi Huang, Erin Huddle, Lily Kantor, Zhenia Karatkova, Nicole Kemnitz, Carly Mabee, Amanda Murgash, Rachel Ortlip, Polly Perez, Lauren Perry, Stella Seay, Maddy Sims, Brianna Slider, Ragan Smith, Annalise Stallworth, Caroline Versluis, Julia Versluis, Lilah Versluis, Abi Walker and Madison Zinn.

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