Northview grads form game development group

Recently released game for Android market



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Do you remember what was on your resume when you graduated from high school?

Most of us can admit that at the age of 18, filling up an entire page with special skills and noteworthy accomplishments was quite the struggle.

Such is not the case for Johns Creek’s James Cho, a member of Northview High School’s class of 2012 and founder of the independent game development group Kilobolt Studios.

Kilobolt Studios was officially created in June of this year and consists of Cho and four of his friends, all of whom just graduated from Northview.

Cho says he and the other members each shared a passion for making games, so they decided to get organized and take action.

“After we saw how successful some of the games on the Android market were, such as Angry Birds or Temple Run, we thought it would be a good idea to make our own game, for fun and for educational purposes,” he said. “So that’s how we got together.”

The development group was ultimately founded with the goal of creating a game for the Android market, Cho said, and each of the members has taken on a different role and responsibility for the process.

“So some of us chose programming while others chose art,” he explained. “And we basically found all of our materials on the Internet or in books. And we taught ourselves how to make a game.”

Cho and the other members of Kilobolt Studios successfully published their first game, called TUMBL: FallDown, in mid-June. It is based off a classic game on the TI-84 calculator called Falldown, Cho said, and it is targeted to casual players who can play the game when they have nothing to do.

TUMBL: FallDown took about two months to complete from start to finish, Cho said, including the organization and educational process. It received a 4.9 rating during its first three weeks and was downloaded about 2,500 times.

Although Cho and the other members of Kilobolt Studios are not attending the same college this fall, they still plan on continuing the game-making process.

“Our main goal was to learn how to make games,” Cho said. “We’re going to communicate by Internet and hopefully make a game that we can all be proud of.”

As for right now, Android owners can purchase TUMBL: FallDown in the Google Play store.

Look out for more games by Kilobolt Studios in the near future. After all, if these ambitious teens were able to make it this far straight out of high school, there’s no telling what they’ll do with a bit of college experience.

“We’re just all very committed about making enjoyable games that are accessible by everyone,” Cho said. “We have ambitious plans for Kilobolt and we hope that we can share some exciting stuff with the community soon.”

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