Northside Hospital’s expansion adds medical offices in Forsyth County

Building to house physicians in support of Women’s Center



CUMMING, Ga. — As Northside Hospital-Forsyth continues to grow its campus, the latest addition will house medical offices in support of the Women’s Center.

Lynn Jackson, Northside Hospital-Forsyth administrator, said the expansion is another encouragement that the county continues to grow.

“For people to see that we are still continuing our growth pattern and offering additional services to the community is good,” Jackson said.

The 1800 Medical Building offices, located adjacent to the Women’s Center, will be the fourth medical building on the 150-acre hospital property.

The two-story Women’s Center was completed in 2008.

“This means we’ll be able to add medical office specialties,” Jackson said. “Right now, we don’t have any more available office space so we want to make it convenient for our physicians, especially physicians who will support the Women’s Center.”

The $20 million new four-story medical offices will be 100,000 square feet and house obstetricians, gynecologists, pediatricians and a center for perinatal medicine, and women’s imaging will be moved there.

“It’ll be great to have all of that support nearby,” Jackson said. “As the Women’s Center has continued to grow over these last five years, now the offices are ready for the growth.”

Construction is expected to wrap up in August and occupancy will begin by January 2014.

Many practices will move around the hospital from smaller offices to the new facility, including many of the suites at the 1505 building.

“Once we get it open, it will be mostly occupied,” Jackson said. “It will be filled pretty quickly.”

The Forsyth campus is built much like a mall, in a loop around a parking deck. Customers park near the service they want to go in for, and there are even complimentary valet services.

There’s more growth in the horizon. Jackson said the hospital is already looking at expanding the interventional radiology and opened another operating room.

“We’ve got lots of things going and always looking at the next expansion,” Jackson said. “We’re probably looking at another medical office soon.”

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