North Fulton Community Charities busy during holidays

Serves thousands each year



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — The holidays are a busy time for North Fulton Community Charities. They receive roughly 20 percent of their annual donations during the last few months of the year.

“We have 912 families registered and qualified to participate in our holiday programs,” said Eden Purdy, program director for NFCC.

The NFCC regularly holds donation drives during the holidays to help needy families. Be it a warm coat drive or Thanksgiving food drive, they strive to help those without the means to have happy holidays.

Despite the affluence of the North Fulton area, there are hundreds of families living just on the edge. Purdy said there are about 5,000 families served each year by NFCC, and the holiday months are the most important.

“It’s an exciting time and brings the community together,” said Purdy. “It’s a very rewarding and engaging opportunity for everyone.”

Donations of food are necessary to keep up that holiday spirit, to be sure, however clothing and monetary donations are also needed with the rise in gas and electricity costs.

For the Thanksgiving food drive, donations are collected. Each family will receive two bags of groceries for a Thanksgiving meal along with a gift card to buy a turkey.

In December, families are sponsored by groups, businesses or individuals for the holiday season. The sponsors can buy presents for children or food for the family. There is also a Santa shop, Dec. 15 and 16, set up to help other needy families give their children a merry Christmas. Presents are collected, and the families can pick out what they want.

“The holiday season is tremendously busy for us,” Purdy said. “We have 35 schools and local businesses who are doing food drives for us.”

To find out ways to help local families through the NFCC, visit them at

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