News article leads to generosity



I wanted to thank you for running the story about Liam’s coat drive in the paper a few weeks back [“Milton student gives coats to needy,” Nov. 3].

We had a few people contact us as a direct result of the story. One woman who contacted us had family that had run a sock mill in northwest Georgia. This past Friday night, after we had spent a few hours sorting all of the coats and loading them into the back of a U-Haul, we got a call from that woman (she had already donated a bunch of coats). She had been back to her parents’ house in northwest Georgia for Thanksgiving and had brought back 600 pairs of socks.

We distributed the coats on Saturday. It was a truly outstanding experience. A typical Saturday at St. Francis Table Soup Kitchen sees 375-425 guests. There were over 550 this past Saturday. While more than 300 got new coats, every single guest got a new pair of socks.

Naturally, we could not have done that had the woman not donated them. However, it absolutely, positively would not have happened had you not run the story. The Milton Herald really made a difference.



Fulton County

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