New improvements for Old Milton/Haynes Bridge



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – The intersection of Old Milton Parkway and Haynes Bridge Road can be tricky to navigate, in large part due to the sudden entrance into the shopping center on the corner. The city is hoping to fix the dangers and approved new improvements July 21.

The curb cut into the shopping center is off the right-turn only lane heading southbound on Haynes Bridge Road. Vehicles are often turning into this entrance to get to the many shops in the center, including a Starbucks, Bagel Boys and Walmart Market. Just as often, vehicles are trying to exit the same way on an entrance that seems just slightly too small to allow it. Add to this the traffic from the dual-turn lanes from Ga. 9 who want to turn south on Haynes Bridge and there are problems.

In an effort to help alleviate congestion in the turn lane, the city proposes a quick fix – make an additional turn lane on Old Milton. In this case, it is as simple as restriping the next lane – a through lane – to allow both through traffic and right turns onto Haynes Bridge.

“This is another tool in our toolbox,” said Public Works Director Pete Sewczwicz.

The total project will take 14 days and cost the city about $49,000. Summit Construction will be the contractor in charge. The concrete island and pedestrian signals at the Old Milton/Haynes Bridge intersection will need to be adjusted.

Council asked Sewczwicz what the city could do to improve or close off that entrance into the shopping center. Sewczwicz’s short answer was very little. Old Milton Parkway is a state road, managed by the Georgia Department of Transportation, and the entrance is owned by the property owner.

“[The entrance] was likely created as a right-in entrance,” Sewczwicz said.

At some point, it became both an entrance and an exit, congesting traffic.

“I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents there,” said Councilman Chris Owens.

Sewczwicz said the entrance is beyond the scope of this intersection project, but that the city is working with GDOT on options. In the meantime, the new improvements should help traffic flow.

“Incremental improvements in our downtown area are always welcome,” said Owens.

The contract was approved unanimously.


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