New high school building rapidly underway



MILTON, Ga. — About two-and-a-half years after deciding to build, King’s Ridge Christian School primes to open the doors to their $10 million donor-funded project in June.

The 45,000-square-foot facility is the newest edition to the expanding Christian high school program. It will have about 20 classrooms including specific rooms for art classes and science labs.

“Literally, a year-and-a-half ago, this was a dream,” said David Rhodes, the headmaster at King’s Ridge Christian School. “We’ve had a lot of families and foundations pitch in. We’ve been very blessed.”

In the fall of 2010, King’s Ridge did a feasibility study and the following January decided to build the new high school.

They launched their fundraising in March 2011 and raised the $10 million in 14 months, breaking ground in June of last year.

Current high school students have been sharing a building with the middle school on the school’s 84-acre lot at 2765 Bethany Road. The sheer size and independence of the new building has most of the high school students thrilled.

“My favorite part is moving out of the building with the middle-schoolers,” said Ryan Kiss, a junior at King’s Ridge. “It’s so nice to have our own building.”

Fellow junior Michael Okafor added, “I love how big it is.”

June 6 is the expected opening date. Choate Construction has been on the project since its inception.

School leaders anticipate the building being ready for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year.

Associate Headmaster Lowrie McCown said that the high school currently has about 170 students, and their objective is 210 students.

Next to the new building is a smaller one known as the Kendrick Center for Life Impact. There won’t be any classes here, but workshops will be held along with other social events for current students and alumni.

“The Kendrick Center is supposed to help with three things,” McCown said while addressing part of the student body. “It’s supposed to help you develop a whole series of skills sets. It’s supposed to help you find out what you love to do, and as a Christian school, we want you to figure out how you will make an impact for Christ.”

The Kendrick Center and new high school comprise phase one of two phases for King’s Ridge. The second phase involves adding two wings onto the new building.

One wing will house administrative offices and a cafeteria. It will jut out from the left side of the building. The second wing will be three stories containing classrooms, which will push the building’s capacity of students to about 400, and will come out of the right side. The two wings will cause the building to form a “U” shape.

“We had foundations that contributed and then said, ‘OK, give us your building plan for the rest of your campus,’” Rhodes said. “So the plan is to add on about every three years. In three years, we’ll add the second phase. In six years, we’ll add a middle school. We’ve just been very blessed.”

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