New Chattahoochee Eagle Scouts



NORTH FULTON, Ga. – On Aug. 22, the following Eagle Scouts of the Chattahoochee District completed their Boards of Review for the rank of Eagle Scout.

Historic Barrington Hall is a popular local tourist location, but for the many visitors there was no area in which to sit and enjoy the lawns and gardens. Steven Herbert Rigsby led a group of Scouts to design and build a pair of trestle picnic tables. The tables were placed in an undeveloped area of the property. Landscaping, bird houses and shrubs were added to make a pleasant place to rest while visiting.

St. Brigid Catholic Church sponsors a soccer team, but the field facilities are minimal. That was true until Spencer David Manley led a group of Scouts to build and provide seating for the players as they wait their turn to play. He found plans for stackable, lightweight, yet sturdy benches. Four of these were built and placed on the sidelines for the players to use during the games.

What student doesn’t like to have an occasional class outdoors? Those at Fellowship Christian School did not have the chance until Carter B. Vance did his Eagle project. With his friends and Scouts, he designed and built four benches and relocated four others to create an outdoor classroom. On those warm, sunny, Georgia days, the students now have an alternative to sitting indoors.

Before Brandon Reece Tardif began his Eagle service project, the park at Mountain Park was showing signs of wear. With the approval of the city and the help of his fellow Scouts, Tardif gave the park a facelift. The picnic tables and basketball court were repainted. The old, broken path was torn up and new brick grills were built. The community of Mountain Park will enjoy the improvements for a long time.

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