Need a Vacation? Let's Go On Holiday! Yippeeee!!



Ideally, a vacation or going “on holiday,” (I personally like “on holiday”…as it reminds me of a holy-day, and to honor the sacred within me by having fun and enjoying my life) is a time for relaxation and restoration. I find it fascinating that people often return more stressed out after a vacation than they were beforehand. The “busyness” of life can easily spill over into the planning and preparation of a vacation, if we are not paying attention, ultimately creating more exhaustion and frustration, negating the pleasure, joy and endless benefits that this important “time out” can bring.

An Expedia survey found that “45 percent of Americans agreed that ‘they come back to work feeling rested, rejuvenated, reconnected to their personal life’ after vacation, and 35 percent said, ‘they return from vacation feeling better about their job, and feeling more productive.”

Clinical psychologist Deborah Mulhern of Bethesda, Md., also reports that “people who don’t take the time to relax, find it more difficult to relax in the future.” She adds, “without time and opportunity to do this, the neural connections that produce feelings of calm and peacefulness become weaker, making it actually more difficult to shift into less-stressed modes. What neuroscience is showing, is that we require down time in order for our bodies to go through the process of restoration. It is only when we are safe from external stresses that our body can relax enough to activate restoration.”

Overall health benefits of being “on holiday” are endless, much less the notion and action of giving yourself “permission” to have fun, which is not always easy for some people to do. Dr. Natasha Withers, a primary care physician with One Medical Group in New York, reminds us, “ rest, relaxation and stress reduction are very important for people’s well being and health. She continues, “the mind is very powerful and can help with healing, so a rested, relaxed mind is able to help the body heal better.”

As a Wellness, Fitness and Spiritual Life Coach, and Inspirational Speaker, I rarely give advice, although do I offer suggestions, ideas, and information for people to explore, consider and integrate into their lives. I highly encourage you to take a personal inventory of your life, right now, today!!

If life is passing you by, because you are too busy being “busy” then you are waaay overdue for a time out, a vacation; even if it is a 24 hour mini vacation; a couple of hours to unplug and chill out. Regardless of how you have always lived your life, convinced that there is not enough time or money, or (fill in the blank with your usual reasons) to enjoy yourself, go “on holiday,” I am here to remind you, that you have all that you need within you, in this moment, to create any change you truly desire. Spend a few moments today doing something, doing nothing…relax, refresh and “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Begin within…a perfect and divine place to start!!

Whether you are at the beach, in the mountains, miles away from home, in your backyard garden, or in a peaceful place within your mind…this is “your” time....and I give you permission to have FUN….You are Free… Unlimited… Now!!

Can’t wait to hear about your “holiday.”



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