Navigating the Real Estate Market with Expert Guides



It’s a picture of bliss. Jim and Sally Smith recently bought their first home. After saving for a few years and living thriftily, they had put aside a nest egg to buy their own home. It is a modest brick home with three bedrooms, a small yard, and the type of charm that befits a young couple in love. Fast forward five years and the Smith’s are ready to sell due to their growing family. Their home backs up to a busy street, the yard is too small for most buyer’s taste and what was once charming is now just deferred maintenance. The Smith’s would have benefitted from the advice of an expert when considering this home to purchase and they definitely need sound advice when selling.

The value of having an expert in real estate is far more than just saving time and money. Potential concerns can be allayed when choosing a Harry Norman, Realtor, such as:

- knowing if now is this the right time to buy or sell

- securing your home when selling

- ensuring the right price in a rising market

- aggressive negotiating

- providing awareness of uncommon, but costly, home or neighborhood related issues

- having the right connections to sell your home at the optimum terms or having the connections to find you the perfect home

The national survey, 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, revealed that 88% percent of sellers utilized a real estate agent and 89 percent of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent - a share that steadily increased from 69 percent in 2001. Peace of mind, security, saving time, and adding value are all driving forces behind hiring a Realtor. In 2013, in the North Fulton area, Harry Norman is #1 in sales volume and units. We aren’t the biggest company but our results are clear. If you need a recommendation for an agent or if you would like more information about a home in your area, please call me directly at 770-594-4901.

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