Natural Foods Warehouse in Crabapple holds health fair



MILTON, Ga. — Natural Foods Warehouse held a health fair on Saturday, Jan. 12 that focused on ways to improve health. The event attracted representatives from various health and wellness companies.

Jan Holland of Natural Foods Warehouse, 12315 Crabapple Road, helped put the fair together.

“We wanted to help introduce more people to the natural realm of health,” she said. “The body is designed to heal itself and with the addition of proper eating and supplementation to a healthy diet, it can and will function better.”

Holland said the fair was a success and she wants to plan more in the near future.

Reid Saunders of Ridgecrest Herbals talked with customers about treating migraines and other ailments through supplements.

“If you can treat a condition naturally, you’re better off,” Saunders said.

Several companies provided samples of their products.

Shane Ledbetter of Earth Keepers Herbal Products gave samples of green smoothies.

“They taste great and offer a mega dose of vitamins and nutrients most people don’t get in their regular diet,” Ledbetter said.

Customer Amanda Thompson said she liked the smoothie’s taste.

Jannelle Sycks of Pantry Takeover held a seminar teaching guests the proper way to stock a pantry.

“Of course you want to limit sugar,” she told participants, “but if you’re going to have it, it’s best to have natural.”

Sycks encouraged customers to clean their pantries of processed foods and stock up on wholesome products.

Khageeyah Chargois of Bloom Aroma Therapy promoted the benefits of relaxation through the sense of smell to decrease stress.

“There are so many ways to improve your health,” Chargois said, “and relaxation is key.”

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