National memory care experts to build memory care community in Towne Lake



Photo 1: Horizontal rendering of Autumn Leaves of Towne Lake

Photo 2: Bird’s Eye View of Autumn Leaves of Towne Lake

WOODSTOCK, Ga.— The LaSalle Group announced its plan to build a cutting-edge nearly 28,000 square foot, $9.8 million memory care community.

The facility will exclusively care for residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory impairment.

Autumn Leaves of Towne Lake will provide a home-like environment that includes a family approach and expert care from dedicated staff with highly specialized training.

Autumn Leaves of Towne Lake, 1962 Eagle Drive in Woodstock, will be the second Autumn Leaves memory care community in Metro Atlanta.

The project is the result of a partnership with The LaSalle Group and Silverado Interests.

“We are excited about this opportunity to bring our expertise to families living with Alzheimer’s and dementia in Towne Lake,” said Brenda Brantley, chief financial officer of The LaSalle Group. “Towne Lake currently has no communities offering memory care, and we are going to fill that gap for families that need our services.”

The design team will use the latest Alzheimer’s and dementia research to ensure the community fits the needs of the residents. From the color scheme to the type of furniture to the spacing of the lights to the layout of the building, everything is chosen with the residents in mind. Autumn Leaves of Towne Lake will also have its own culinary director who will prepare fresh food from scratch. A team consisting of a chef, a nutritionist, and a dietician will collaborate to create healthy and flavorful meals for the residents. In addition, the community will have aquariums in the dining rooms, which according to scientific research, will create a calming effect and increase appetites—priorities for families living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

“Cherokee County has experienced high growth, and with that comes a greater need for focused Alzheimer’s and dementia care,” said Ilde Robles, director of Georgia development, The LaSalle Group. “The county has been very helpful, and the county leaders understand the benefit we will bring to their area.”

The residents and families will also notice a tremendous benefit when it comes to life enrichment. The community will enhance the residents’ lives through life enrichment programs that use touch, laughter, music, and dance to engage senses, personality, the mind, spirit and body.

“We believe in finding the best way to keep our residents engaged. We tailor our programs to meet each person’s individual personalities and we help them to reach their full potential,” said Chad Anderson, president of Constant Care Family Management. “As memory care experts, our staff undergoes rigorous training to help each member of our team understand Alzheimer’s and dementia.”

Autumn Leaves of Towne Lake will also offer free programs to the public including seminars, support groups, memory testing, and free respite care for five hours on Wednesdays to give caregivers a break. Autumn Leaves of Towne Lake is expected to open fourth quarter of 2013.

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