Naked intruder trapped under garage door



CUMMING, Ga. — A woman called 911 after she found a naked man in her garage, according to a Cumming Police incident report.

On Dec. 29, 2013, deputies were dispatched to a home in the 7000 block of Brands Hatch Boulevard because of a burglary.

When deputies arrived, the homeowner said the man was still in the garage.

Deputies said when they walked over to the garage, they could see the legs and buttock of a naked man laying face down on the driveway. The garage door was open and resting on the lower back of the man.

Deputies opened the door and kept the man lying down to talk to him. They found a shirt and draped it over his genitals.

Deputies asked why he was naked and stuck under the garage door with his buttock exposed to the public. He said he was there to meet his friend, “but that it was nothing sexual.”

The homeowner said the man was not supposed to be there and probably entered through the kitchen door, which she normally kept unlocked.

The friend, who the man said he was there to meet, said he woke up to find the man in his room. He asked what he was doing there and pushed him out of the bedroom. Then, the man ran down the stairs.

The friend said he had not talked to him that day and he was not invited over.

The man said he had drunk an alcoholic beverage, and deputies could smell the alcohol on him.

Jonathan Bratkowski, 23, was charged with public indecency and public drunkenness, misdemeanors, and taken to Forsyth County Detention Center.

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