NFCC seeks help for back-to-school needs



ROSWELL, Ga. – Each year, the volunteers at North Fulton Community Charities hold a back to school event for needy families in North Fulton. They promote health and wellness as well as getting the children ready to head back into classrooms.

But this year, the people at NFCC need help.

“What we are seeing this year is that our in-kind donations of school supplies and backpacks are down from last year,” said Eden Purdy, director of programs at NFCC. “Last year, we were overflowing. This year, everything is down.”

That includes volunteers, supplies and money to hold the back to school event.

NFCC’s Back to School Fair helps prepare children to succeed academically by providing them with the tools they need. It is also a day for families to explore healthy lifestyle changes and prepare for the school year in a fun and festive environment.

Purdy said this year they have 400 families coming to the fair, with more than 1,300 children in tow. Each child is to be outfitted with a backpack filled with school supplies.

“It’s important these children start school with the supplies all the other children are starting school with,” said Purdy. “We want them to have everything they need to have a good chance to succeed in school.”

At the Back to School Fair, children get to enjoy fun and games while they and their parents can visit booths that promote healthy living and eating.

“There are all sorts of activities that help families focus on health,” Purdy said.

And not just a healthy body – a reading booth helps their minds as well.

All these events are supported by volunteers, Purdy said. In past year, the event has required about 300 people to pull off – distributing the school supplies, setting the fair up and then running it. Working in two-hour shifts, the volunteers go from 7 a.m. through noon.

NFCC is a leading nonprofit in the area, supplying needy families with food, emergency money and counseling. They help hundreds of families and thousands of people each year. However, they depend on volunteers and donations. For more information or to donate, visit Volunteers can contact Purdy at 678-387-4458 or


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