My Heart Will Not Go On - The Walking Dead Escape



There are countless things to be afraid of these days: terrorists, pollution, cat lovers, bad sushi. The list goes on. I have lain dormant in the last year and seen fit to let these horrifying things dominate your psyches, but now, I once again rise from the dead to terrorize your neighborhood and feast upon your flesh.

I am a zombie. Some of you may recall the unfortunate incident that led to my demise and reanimation. Last year, I was infected by the dreaded chemical C-894, which stopped my heart, but kick-started my ravenous hunger for the brains and entrails of the living.

The time is upon us; around the nation, themed 5K’s abound with vampires, color and my fellow zombies, but I have arisen to accept a new challenge: The Walking Dead Escape. This is an event unlike any other. For those of you who enjoy the television program “The Walking Dead” (starring some of my closest zombie friends), you may be familiar with this new event. The outbreak began in Baton Rouge and is now spreading to infect your city.

On May 31, walkers, spectators and survivors alike can join together to witness the grand spectacle of the official Walking Dead Obstacle Course at Philips Arena in Atlanta. David Isaacs, co-founder of UFC as well as The Walking Dead Escape, reigns over this heart-stopping event. This zombie got an inside look at the goings on of The Walking Dead Escape as well as the thoughts of Isaacs, who did not appreciate my efforts to eat his brains.

The Walking Dead Escape stands out in a time of zombie mania.

“Walkers are an integral part of the event,” Isaacs reported. “People, when their hearts are racing, may panic. We sort of want that moment when people don’t know what’s real.”

Participants are immersed in a simulation that allows for a realistic experience of the zombie apocalypse.

“The walkers never break character. They drag their legs, grunt and moan. They never stop,” Isaacs said.

Survivors will be faced not just with zombies, but also with multiple obstacles, including Herd Highway, Hospital Hell, Prison Gauntlet and the Chain Link Mega Zone. Participants must run, crawl, climb and slide to their decontamination or doom.

“People surprise you,” Isaacs said. “There are consequences to your decisions. It all happens fast. You have to keep going if you want to survive.”

The obstacles in The Walking Dead Escape are ethical as well as physical.

“Everything is gray,” Isaacs claimed. “You can’t intellectualize yourself into it. There’s no clear line, no good, no bad.”

Citizens of Atlanta will find out who they really are at The Walking Dead Escape, and I will be snapping at their heels.

The Walking Dead Escape is May 31 at Philips Arena. For more information, visit them online at

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