Ms. Senior Georgia pageant promotes seniorhood



ROSWELL, Ga. —“I am a SWAG,” said Cindy Wood, Ms. Senior Georgia 2013 performing as her alter ego, Ms. Magnolia. “A Southern Woman Aging Gracefully.”

That was the message of the Ms. Senior Georgia pageant this year, hosted by the Georgia Classic Club to promote a positive image of aging. The pageant was held at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center Aug. 16-17.

Although some contestants came from the city and regional levels, the only requirement for the pageant was to be a Georgia woman 60 or more years of age.

The winner was Dolores Lauderdale, of Marietta. Her talent act was a “Singing in the Rain” song and dance routine.

“Life after 60 has been wonderful,” said Lauderdale in her platform. “I am loving this life even more and trying new ventures.”

Other contestants were Sheila Phillips of Albany, Lynda Dawson of Hamilton, Bernadine Cantrell of Woodstock, Cheryl Willoughby of Silver Creek, Jan Jones of Conyers and Charlene McCann of Augusta.

Classic Club members provided many of the entertainment acts, including an introduction from the pageant’s former queens, a monologue by Wood as Ms. Magnolia and a tambourine routine by the Dazzlin’ Dames, an entertainment group made up of former pageant contestants and Classic Club members.

Barbara Quinn said that most of the queens have continued to be involved in the club.

“Everybody who’s been in the pageant, that’s the initiation into the Classic Club,” said Quinn.

As “queen,” Wood toured many events throughout the state for her term as Ms. Senior Georgia, public speaking, auctioning for charity, volunteering and performing with the Dazzlin’ Dames. Lauderdale will make a similar tour over the next year.


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