Move Live on Tour at Cobb Energy Centre June 17

Julianne, Derek Hough Get a Move On!



COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- "Move Live on Tour" starring Julianne and Derek Hough generated enough electricity to power the Cobb Energy Centre and then some on Tuesday, July 17! "Move" is a decidedly apt term, for the dance was full of equal parts of gymnastics, acrobatics and aerobics.

It was two hours of perfectly toned and optimally functioning young, good-looking embodiments of the bloom of youth and health dancing their hearts out and giving it all they've got.

"Who Let The Dogs Out?" A half-dozen prime specimens of young manhood came woofing and hoofing onto the stage. With their shirts whipped off (to the delight of the crowd) it was apparent someone's been working out! And what a workout! It was like a Turbo Zumba class.

Fangirls swooned and squealed to see them glistening in their ripped and ribald glory. Hard to believe that these two kids grew up in the ultra-conservative Mormon church. I'm pretty safe in attesting that they do not sport the traditional temple garments.

In fact, Julianne came prancing down the stairs in a mod (for the 60's) mini-dress and when she bent over it was apparent that those glittery straps meant to approximate boots were also the only thing between her booty and the audience. Too bad for all the husbands and boyfriends who declined their ladies' invites.

Although all four of the Houghs' grandparents were dancers and they were sent to London to live with their coaches when she was just 9 and he 12, Dad fussed at Derek: "No pelvis thrusts on stage!" Julianne laughed that that's all he does! Her bam-ba-lam dance to "Black Betty" would doubtless displease church fathers, as well.

One wonders about all the young folk in the company dashing their parents' dreams of being primas in major ballet companies when they heeded those whines to drop ballet and pointe lessons in favor of hip hop and jazz. Although it's hard to imagine Mom and Dad springing for the pole dancing lessons!

Derek filled the time for us while Julianne, et al made about a dozen costume changes. He mentioned that while Julianne was still his little sister, she was in all ways a "A Grown Woman" and came out singing Queen B's anthem, proving to everyone -- even those up in the cheap seats, that she is indeed!

The girls' costumes at first looked more like gymnast uniforms, but got plenty racy as the show ensued. At times they were clad in little more than spangles and fringe. They danced up and down a vertiginous staircase that would have been intimidating for me to even walk down without a handrail.

The music and dance cut a wide swath from the 20's jazz to current modes. Though I think the silver-haired set might have been shocked by some of the moves, and an elderly lady behind me asked the sound guy to turn down the volume, they had to enjoy their super-hot two-step jive to "Why Don't You Do Right?"

A poignant dance to Christina Aguilera's "Say Something" was a nice change of pace -- both for the audience, and the dancers, too -- I'm sure. Julianne was pushed around on a platform with a gown that puddled around her feet, then was lifted into four long trains by dancers.

Those were detached, then she was left with just a full-length dress as she danced back up the stairs. And like the Dance of the Seven Veils, soon even that was stripped off and we were back to seeing her perfect legs in all their terpsichorean glory.

Of course, we couldn't do without a nice country segment, with all the ladies in raggedy Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots a-kicking. Rockabilly was in the house when Derek slid across the stage on his heels to "Great Balls of Fire."

During another of Julianne's costume changes, Derek took to the audience, his security dude tailing him like he was walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death instead of an adoring audience of tennis ladies and soccer moms. He pulled a woman out of the crowd and brought her up on stage. He seemed momentarily daunted and with self-ridicule said, "I would have picked a tall one!" Then he whispered in her ear and took three steps back and then vaulted right over her head!

Then Julianne pulled three "random" men from the crowd. Ben was born to boogie -- Cobb County's answer to Psy. Dan had his moment in the sun with Julianne riding him like a horse, but Taylor had to have been a ringer. He did a back flip off the set!

Julianne has recorded a country album, but Derek is no slouch in the singing department either. The siblings launched into a cute "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better" with Julianne pointing to a screen with her two mirror ball trophies from "Dancing With The Stars."

Derek countered by pointing to a screen on his side of the stage and two trophies also magically appeared. But then, three more appeared on his second screen. In fact, he just won the last of them in May with his most inspiring partner, Paralympian Amy Purdy, the girl who danced on prosthetic feet.

At one point, they projected photos of Donnie and Marie Osmond as kids and now adults, and it was hard not to connect the dots between that famous Mormon brother-and-sister act and this one. It is clear that their careers should eclipse even their confreres.

In fact, Julianne starred in the 2011 remake of "Footloose" and Derek had a role in it as well, so this is not the first time that they've worked in Georgia, and it certainly won't be the last!

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