Mother and daughter work side by side at Crabapple Fest



MILTON, Ga. – Artistic ability must run in this family, because Sandy Wolf and Cindy Wallace, mother and daughter respectively, are two of the artists to have their pieces on display and for sale at the upcoming Crabapple Fest.

“It’s been a great time; it’s one of my favorite art shows that I do every year,” said Wolf, a potter who has been a part of the Crabapple Fest since its reinstatement in the early 2000s.

She said most of the work she would be bringing to the festival would be fall or Halloween-themed and would include plates, figurines, platters and an assortment of other pottery.

Wallace, however, is a painter, working with acrylic on canvas, painting “mainly landscapes, and a lot of beach scenes.” She has been participating in the Crabapple Fest for the past five years.

The two have adjacent booths each year and say that if one ever gets too busy, the other will come over and help out.

There are changes being made to the event this year, but Wolf says that is the norm.

“It’s grown and it gets better every year,” she said, adding that it thankfully wouldn’t change the proximity of the two artists’ booths.

After reflecting on the expansion of the show, Wolf laughed and said she anticipated a lot of sales and that she felt like she “need[ed] to get into the kiln and start crankin’ out some more.”

The festival will be taking place Oct. 5 in Historic Crabapple, and, as alluded to by Wallace and Wolf, will be larger this year with a new location. The festival will feature 50 antiques dealers as well as 50 juried local artists displaying and selling their art, which is normally a very successful endeavor.

“It’s a great one-day event – very family friendly and very community oriented,” said Wallace. “It’s a great little hometown festival.”

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