More public parking headed downtown Alpharetta

40 parallel spaces to line Canton St.



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Downtown Alpharetta could be seeing nearly 50 more parking spaces for public parking if a plan to add on-street parking is approved.

City Council heard a report from Public Works Director Pete Sewczwicz that the parallel parking spots would line Canton Street and Roswell Street.

“From a business perspective, it’s usually more [parking] the merrier,” Sewczwicz said.

If parking is put on the east side of the road, 40 spaces could be made. On the west side, 47 spaces have room. It was determined switching which side of the road the spots are on would force drivers to swerve left and right as they drive, which could increase accidents.

Council seemed more inclined to go with the 40 spaces on the east side, largely because many of these spaces will be located in front of Pure Taqueria and other businesses on the southern end of the road. The large public parking facilities on the northern end work for businesses there.

“I like the fact there are 11 spots right in front of a restaurant that needs it,” said Councilmember Chris Owens.

Current budgets do not have the money for the project, but funds might be found, Sewczwicz said.

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