Moratorium in place for north Ga. 9

Stops rezonings from Bethany Bend to county line



MILTON, Ga. – The Milton City Council has placed a moratorium on new development for a portion of Ga. 9 for up to 30 days.

This ban affects all rezonings of property. It does not limit the ability of property owners to develop their land as currently zoned or permitted, only those that would require them to appear before the council for approval.

The moratorium spans from Bethany Bend north on Ga. 9 to the Forsyth County line.

City Attorney Ken Jarrard said the moratorium was needed in the area. The city had approved a “Ga. 9 North Visioning Study,” in an effort to rein in uncontrolled development along one of Milton’s strongest commercial areas.

Jarrard said the moratorium could be extended or it could be ended early. It would not affect properties that are already seeking rezoning or have already been approved for rezoning. It would only affect prospective rezonings.

“It would simply stop any zoning applications being accepted,” Jarrard said.

Milton already has a ban on rezonings throughout the city, however this new moratorium is location-specific. The 30-day ban is in place to allow the city to hold the public hearings necessary to extend the ban for up to 180 days.

This moratorium was necessary, say city staff.

“The visioning study is just a study,” said Kathleen Field, Milton’s community development director. “In order to put teeth into the study, you need a new zoning overlay in place.”

The moratorium will give Field and her staff time to develop the new zoning rules.

The moratorium was unanimously approved at the council’s June 9 special meeting.

MH 06-18-14

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