Monty Python comes to Milton High School: ‘Spamalot,’ Cirque coming in March, April



MILTON, Ga. — Fans of both Milton High School and Monty Python now have cause to rejoice – the MHS Theatre Company will perform “Spamalot” beginning March 14.

“It’s a hysterical romp through the world of Monty Python with music and dancing,” said Renee Denney, the director of the performance. “And also a lot of corny humor.”

The rights to the Broadway show recently became available for high schools to perform, Denney said. She jumped at the chance to perform it.

“We had the cast to do it this year,” she said. “It’s a predominantly male cast. We’re really blessed that we have enough talented boys in the program to do a show like this.”

Many theater programs are predominantly female.

“Spamalot” opens March 14.

In conjunction with the comedy, Milton’s signature annual performance – the Cirque show – opens April 25 with “Cirque Dreyma.”

“It’s an original performance about dreams,” said Director Larry Smith. “Audiences can expect to be amazed.”

Each year, new acrobatic acts are incorporated into the Cirque show. Last year, the Cyr Wheel was added, along with some student-invented acts.

Smith said a lot of new acts will be seen this year in “Dreyma.”

While many of the students who audition for the Cirque class have prior gymnastic experience, many do not.

“A lot of the kids don’t have any type of Cirque experience,” Smith said. “We’re mainly looking for a willingness to work and a good attitude. We can train them for what we need as long as they are willing to learn it.”

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