Mobility Partners



Our commitment to our clients goes beyond ensuring they make it to their appointments safely and on time…

It’s about maintaining a level of independence.

It’s about being discreet.

It’s about our clients having a sense of pride when they call to schedule a ride.

Regardless of your destination; whether it’s a medical appointment at Emory or a Musical at the Fox Theater, you never have to worry about calling additional attention to yourself by showing up in a vehicle that is more concerned about advertising its own business than getting you safely and discreetly to your destination.

If there is someplace you need to be but are hesitant to ask friends or family for a ride, your worries are over. With Mobility Partners you will never miss out on anything again! Our experienced Mobility Specialists understand the value of being courteous, punctual, and are sensitive to the needs of those individuals with limited mobility. Each specialist is trained in client safety and passes a Mobility Partner’s background check. We offer a range of transportation services to get you where you need to go.

Call us today at 678-221-4006 or visit our website at to schedule your ride.

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