‘Missing’ car leads to obstruction arrest in Alpharetta



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – An Alabama man effectively turned himself in when he arrived at the police station about his impounded rental car, which turned out to contain thousands of dollars of stolen goods inside.

Bilal Nicholas, 23, of Montgomery, Ala., arrived at the Alpharetta police headquarters Dec. 30. He asked about a rented Ford Focus that was missing. He told police he was in town visiting family and they went to North Point Mall that morning.

They then left the mall in another car, leaving the rental in the mall parking lot. When he returned at 5 p.m., the car was gone.

It turns out the car was impounded due to suspicion of involvement in several thefts from mall stores. A search warrant had been executed on the car and police found 86 stolen items inside, totaling $4,733 in value. Three people were arrested in connection with the thefts, using the car to stash the stolen goods.

Much of the loot was allegedly still labeled and had anti-theft devices attached. They were found stuffed in trash bags. Tools were also found with which to remove theft protection devices.

Nicholas was arrested for obstruction.

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