Milton's burn ban began May 1

Lasts until Sept. 30



MILTON, Ga. – Milton Fire Marshal Matthew Marietta would like to remind the community the state’s “burn ban” went into effect, Wednesday, May 1.

The ban, which is enacted because of dry conditions and environmental health regulations, is issued by the state Environmental Protection Division and covers Milton, the rest of Fulton County and a number of other surrounding counties. It lasts until Sept. 30.

The following types of open burning are banned:

• Burning of leaves, tree limbs or other yard wastes;

• Burning of vegetative waste from land clearing;

• Burning over of forest by the owners of the land.

Outdoor fireplaces and other types of fire pits are allowed if constructed and located properly. If in doubt, contact Marietta at 678-242-2604 or

“This policy heightens our fire safety during the hot summer months and reduces unnecessary pollutants when air quality concerns are at their peak,” said Marietta. “Violations of this ban will result not only in a fire department response to put the fire out, but also may include state or local penalties.

“Please help us keep the community, and our lungs, safe during this time period by not having outdoor burning.”

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