Milton wins planning award for Crabapple code work

City honored at the Georgia Planning Association Chapter Awards



MILTON, Ga. – The city of Milton recently won the “Outstanding Plan Implementation” award for its work on the Crabapple Form Based Code and Transfer of Development Rights Ordinance.

The honor was given at the Georgia Planning Association Chapter Awards in late September.

“This is a huge win for the city and a great way to recognize the time our residents, plan partners and staff spent working on the cutting-edge ordinance now in place,” said Community Development Director Kathleen Field.

After six months of stakeholder meetings and two months of administrative work, the ordinance was adopted June 18 by Milton City Council. The vote capped more than two years of work to create the vision and framework for an ideal Crabapple.

The new zoning tools mean Milton can now create a uniform, community-approved aesthetic in the area while protecting the surrounding open spaces from development.

Milton is the only jurisdiction in Georgia to embed the transfer of development rights into a Form Based Code ordinance. Since the successful adoption, the planning team has been asked to speak at the Atlanta Regional Commission, Georgia State University and the Congress for New Urbanism, Atlanta chapter.

So far, the response has been favorable because of the ordinance’s transferability for use by other jurisdictions. The city has already begun work on a similar ordinance for the Ga. 9/Deerfield Parkway corridor, with stakeholder meetings kicking off in September. The ordinance is expected to be drafted in March, after which a presentation will be made to council for possible adoption.

The Georgia Planning Association (GPA) has provided resources and services to planners and communities for more than three decades, offering education, legislative support, the Community Planning Institute and other resources. Each year, GPA rewards local communities and regional commissions for their work to make Georgia a better place to live.

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