Milton holds community meeting on Deerfield Park



MILTON, Ga. – The Milton Parks and Recreation Department held an open house March 21 to discuss possible options for an acre pocket park located on Deerfield Parkway and Webb Road.

The city received funding to purchase the land from MARTA tax over-collection.

Parks and Rec Director Jim Cregge said the park is not in this year’s budget, but the department made room for it with current funds.

“We are committed to creating more green space in this area,” Cregge said.

He presented two options and suggested a veterans memorial or fitness park to about 20 residents, and then asked for input.

“These aren’t set in stone,” he said. “We want to know what the community would like to have.”

Cregge said the park would be dog-friendly and accommodate handicapped residents.

The park will not be enclosed or secured.

“Our two design plans have a partial fence and we’re considering adding additional fencing, but it will not be locked,” he said.

“The Planning Commission determined the area was not suitable for a playground,” Cregge said. “It’s a high traffic area and not mommy-friendly.”

Cregge said the city is considering the memorial to honor both living and deceased veterans with flags from all four military branches.

“We’re even considering selling memorial bricks for people to honor their family members.”

He said the fitness park would complement local walkers and runners.

Joanne Mores of Milton suggested combining both ideas.

“I like the idea of an area for flags and fitness equipment,” Mores said.

Suzanne Rabauer of Milton suggested a dog park, but Cregge said the Deerfield Design Committee would not endorse the idea.

Bo Quintana of Milton said the city should set up a program to raise additional funds for the park.

Residents at the meeting were most interested in Design Plan B.

“I like the way the area is divided,” Mores said. “There’s plenty of green space and areas for people to enjoy the space.”

Cregge said once a plan is finalized, it would take about eight weeks to get Milton City Council approval and the park could be opened in early fall.

The parks department still wants community input. Email suggestions to

MH 03/28/13

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