Milton hires part-time economic development coordinator



MILTON, Ga. — Milton City Council members approved a new position titled economic development coordinator with the 2013 budget.

This part-time position was requested by several members of the council in an effort to strengthen the city’s business presence and maintain a growing commercial environment.

“The presence of the economic development coordinator will allow the city to reach more residents and business owners currently not being touched by Milton’s government outreach efforts, thereby fulfilling two more strategic plan initiatives — encouraging diverse perspectives and developing relationships with under-represented areas,” said Jason Wright, a city spokesman.

The position is aligned directly with the city’s strategic plan for promoting Milton and its programs within both the city and surrounding communities.

This position will include attendance at events such as business expos, business leaders’ meetings and all city events, along with non-city community events in the area.

$35,000 was included in the budget to pay for the new role.

Wright also said the job description has not yet been completely defined and there is no current interview process scheduled.

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