Milton gymnast takes first in state



MILTON, Ga. — Ten-year-old Camille Green won first place April 28 and was named a Georgia state champion both on the vault and all-around at the Georgia AAU Gymnastics state meet in Bainbridge, Ga.

Green has been taking gymnastics recreationally since she was 4, but this year she decided to join a team and compete. She trains at Southern Elite Gymnastics Academy.

“I have to say I was very surprised that I won first in my first state meet,” Green said. “It was really crowded, and I was the only level 3 that was 10 at my gym.”

Green’s parents were at the state meet and her mother, Chevela Green, said Camille was stunned when she won. She said the way gymnastics works is the girls don’t really know how well they are doing compared to the other girls until the end at the awards.

“As they counted down from sixth place to fifth and fourth and her name hadn’t been called, you could see on her face the excitement starting to build and the recognition that she was going to be in the top three,” her mother said. “They called the score of the girl who won second place and it wasn’t her score. Her eyes met mine, and they just got so big with the understanding that it was not her score, so she must have been first place.”

Camille said her favorite event is the floor where she can perform round-offs, back walkovers, gymnastics leaps, some turns and jumps.

“I like gymnastics because I can show off my skills a lot and I like to tumble,” Camille said.

As her first state competition, Camille’s parents said they were surprised and thrilled that she won.

“It was so exciting. I think she was stunned, excited and so proud,” Chevela said. “After she won, she was really cool about it, but later a girl walked up to her to congratulate her. I think at that moment, having the recognition of her peers, tears just welled up.”

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