Milton employee adds personal touch to work

Jeanette Citta recalls time before city



MILTON, Ga. — Jeanette Citta’s tenure at the city of Milton has been as many years as the city has been in existence: six.

“I was the second city employee hired,” said Citta, the administrative assistant for the Milton Fire-Rescue and Police departments. Her job responsibilities include being one of the support staff for Police Chief Deborah Harrell and Fire Chief Robert Edgar and their departments, running criminal background checks on city volunteers, helping out when needed in the city court and organizing departmental functions.

“I started out doing everything,” she explained. “As the city has grown, the job responsibilities have grown.”

Now Citta has two other support staff members working with her, and the team works well together.

More than six years ago when Citta first heard of the plans for the new town, she sent her resume in but it was months before officials were ready to start interviewing candidates.

In six years she’s seen a lot of changes, but in the 24 years she’s lived and worked in the area she’s seen many more changes. For instance, the office park where Milton’s town hall is was farmland in the not too distant past.

“This was woods and cow pastures [in 1990],” she said.

In the early 1990s, Citta was an administrative assistant at a company housed in the first building on Windward Parkway. The building had a cafeteria; if employees wanted to leave the building for lunch, the only option was Alpha Soda in Alpharetta when it was in its downtown location. In 1995, more building along Windward Parkway began and Citta said it’s been growing ever since.

“It’s fun watching the city grow, change and develop,” she said.

Today, Citta lives in nearby Cherokee County.

“I have to drive through the entire city to get to work,” she said. “It’s gorgeous. You don’t want it to change too much.”

Now that the area has grown and the city of Milton is thriving, Citta and other city employees like to keep their business in Milton whenever possible. As a result, she knows business people all over town. City vehicle maintenance, uniform dry cleaning and employee lunches all happen within the city limits.

“We’re big proponents of that,” Citta said.

Not only does Citta know people all over Milton, she’s made it a point to know her fellow city employees well too. She can name just about every city employee’s spouse or significant other’s name and their children’s names.

“I try to make it a point to know everyone on a personal level,” Citta explained.

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