Milton approves first public art

Made by local artist for Bell Park



MILTON, Ga. – The city’s first piece of public art was unanimously approved by the City Council at their May 19 regular meeting.

Milton-based artist Michael Dillon is commissioned to create a large iron statue to be placed in Bell Memorial Park when it reopens next year.

At a cost of $60,000, the 12-foot-tall sculpture is expected to be a winged figure called “Victory.”

“This is a unique opportunity since we have the artist in the community,” said Stacy Inglis, deputy city manager.

Dillon explained to the council his vision for the piece, using a small model.

“It will be forged out of solid steel,” he said. “The top part will be chrome plated and it will give the color of a trophy.”

There will also be a wall dedicated to sports and players.

The $60,000 price tag will be taken out of monies set aside for the Parks and Recreation trail expansion budget.

Dillon said this piece will be the beginning of a new phase for his work.

“I am embarking on the next phase of what I intend to do with my sculpture – large industrially forged pieces,” he said. “I think that will set me apart from a bunch of other sculptors.”

He is expanding his forge to handle the piece and expects “Victory” will take him 400-500 hours of work to complete.

“This is on a scale I haven’t approached before,” he said.

May 19 Milton City Council Meeting








Consideration of a request to reduce the 100-foot building setback from the property line of the C.U.P. to 60 feet along the south property line for lot 25, 805 Honors Circle.

Approved 6-0

Note: Mayor Joe Lockwood was absent. Councilman Rick Mohrig participated by phone.

Consideration of an agreement between the city of Milton and Dillon Forge Inc. for Bell Memorial Park public art.

Approved 6-0

Consideration of a Parks and Recreation agreement for outside providers between the city of Milton and Southern Educational Resources LLC.

Approved 6-0

Consideration of a resolution authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds and the execution, delivery and performance of an intergovernmental contract relating thereto.

Approved 6-0

MH 05-28-14

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