Milton Theatre presents ‘Pippin’ Oct. 9 and 10 performances



MILTON, Ga. – The newest production from the award-winning Milton High School Theatre Company is “Pippin,” scheduled for two performances, Tuesday, Oct. 9 and Wednesday Oct. 10, both at 7:30 p.m. “Pippin” is one of the most popular Broadway performances.

The play tells the musical journey taken by Emperor Charlemagne’s oldest son, Pippin, as he searches for his purpose in life. Wanting to live a life a cut above the common and ordinary, Pippin’s pursuit leads him from his recent return from university to the battlefield, on to a period of pleasurable indulgence and then to a brief and woeful chapter as leader of an empire. At a point where Pippin thinks there is nothing to satisfy his hunger for the extraordinary, he is rescued by Catherine, an ordinary widow with a large estate and a young son. Pippin and Catherine fall in love, but Pippin finds that even this is not enough to fulfill his search for meaning in life.

In the end, Pippin must decide between a lifetime that is spectacular though short, or an existence determined by a typical commonplace life.

The musical uses a traveling group of players manipulated by a charismatic and scheming lead player to tell the story.

“This troupe of players have been doing this show forever, taking over the roles from their parents before them and their parents before them,” said Larry Smith, the show’s director. “The set, the costumes, the props are all worn and tattered, but patched and painted...not well. The traveling company is tired, but they still do their best to produce an entertaining and interesting show. So basically, it’s a search for self in a run-down traveling show.”

Smith, Milton Theatre’s Cirque director, will also be using elements from Cirque throughout the production as well.

“My goal is to make it fresh and memorable,” he said.

After its Milton performances, the show will travel to the Georgia Theatre Conference to compete with other high schools throughout Georgia.

“Pippin” runs Oct. 9 and 10 at 7:30 p.m. at Milton High School, 3025 Birmingham Hwy. in Milton. For tickets, go to

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