Milton Parks and Recreation Adds Yoga



Q: How can I benefit from yoga?

A: There is evidence that practicing yoga can help you increase your flexibility, strength, and stamina. Research has shown that it can reduce stress, improve your cardio vascular system, lower blood pressure, improve your mood, and reduce pain from back problems.

Q. I’ve never done yoga. What can I expect?

A: For one, you do not need to be flexible to start. Yoga is about building strength, balance, awareness and flexibility and a good teacher will help you to achieve these goals. Marcel Proust wrote, “The real journey of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes.” Yoga will enable you to see your environment, body, mind, and emotions from a whole new perspective.

Q. What are the different types of yoga?

A. There are dozens of yoga types practiced worldwide but several of the more popular are Hatha, Bikram (hot) and Power Yoga. The variety of classes we teach for the City of Milton incorporate Hatha and Power Yoga but not hot yoga.

Hatha yoga is the most widely practiced type in the U.S. Hatha is a great way to stretch, work your muscles, get in touch with your body, relax, and decrease stress.

Fitness and power yoga is designed to build strength and endurance. At the end of the session you will feel more like you have completed a traditional strength training or callisthenic workout than you would with any other type of yoga. This style is for you if you're looking for a more challenging and energetic workout.

Q. Where can I learn more?

A. 9 classes are offered weekly at the Bethwell Community Center. Unlimited monthly classes offered for Milton Residents for $30. For schedule visit or contact Kim Saunders at 404-906-8233 or email

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