Milton, Fulton Schools have emergency plan in place

Mayor, police chiefs, superintendent discussed courses of action



MILTON, Ga. – Mayor Joe Lockwood met recently with Fulton County Schools Superintendent Robert M. Avossa and discussed plans of action involving Fulton Schools and Milton Police in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

“I’d had a number of neighbors and friends simply ask about what type of plans the schools and Milton have in place should the unthinkable happen here,” said Lockwood. “We’re very lucky, because Dr. Avossa is a Milton resident and a great community leader, so he, as always, was ready to talk about what exists and what can be done in our city.”

Lockwood said he is comfortable with the security and response protocols already in place at all Milton schools and has pledged a partnership with Fulton Schools Police to further monitor and provide response to all situations arising on school campuses.

“It’s reasonable to desire increased security at every school,” said Avossa in a recently published editorial. “But we must find a balance between providing stronger security measures and keeping the school an engaging place that is conducive to learning and teaching.”

Fulton County Schools has an internal police force with 65 officers specially trained to work with students and serve their unique needs. Each school also has a regularly practiced safety plan, which includes locking exterior doors and requiring visitors to sign in upon arrival and exit. Additionally, staff conducts safety drills throughout the year.

All of these measures have been in place before the tragedy at Sandy Hook, said Avossa, and will continue to be in place moving forward.

For more information on the ways the city of Milton and its police and fire departments work with their community partners, including Fulton County Schools, visit the city’s website at

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