Milton Eagles going blue

Team uniforms switching from red



MILTON, Ga. – Fans at their first Milton football game are in for a shock. The team in the blue jerseys will be the Eagles.

Instead of the traditional red uniforms, many of Milton’s teams will sport dark blue.

The color change has been contemplated for over a year and comes as the school drops its contract with Nike and signs up with Under Armour to provide uniforms and materials for many of the school’s sports and academic teams.

“The kids wanted to change the culture and mindset a little bit,” said MHS Athletic Director Gary Sylvestri.

The Milton baseball team has already switched to blue and white uniforms. Many of the rest of MHS’ teams will make the switch this year, including the football team.

The football team will wear blue for home games and white for away games. The blue is a dark variant, as opposed to the light Carolina blue neighboring Cambridge High uses.

Sylvestri said all teams in the school – from band to debate to the sports, both boys and girls, will benefit from the deal with Under Armour.

“It’s advantageous especially for smaller sports,” he said. “All teams get the same deals and service.”

The baseball and swimming teams sported blue uniforms last year. The school colors are red, white and blue.

Red will continue to be featured in some way in many of the uniforms, Sylvestri said.

Sylvestri did not reveal how much the contract with Under Armour is worth, but the company will provide deals on products they make, such as uniforms. The school can still purchase items from other companies that Under Armour does not create, such as helmets.

So far, the response from the students has been positive, Sylvestri said.

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