Michael O’Neal Singers perform ‘Carmina Burana’



ROSWELL, Ga. – The Michael O’Neal Singers will present Carl Orff’s stirring “Carmina Burana” as the debut of its 24th season Oct. 14.

Appearing with the MOS Singers will be the Georgia Regional Girls Choir and Roswell Dance Theatre. Vocal soloists appearing are Sherrie Seiden, Adam Kirkpatrick and Brent Davis.

It is a curious mix of 11th and 12th century poems set to music by Orff in the 1930s. The poems of “Carmina Burana” were discovered in an old Benedictine abbey in Bavaria in the 19th century, and Orff stumbled across a published work of them.

“They are mostly songs about drinking and gambling or about love,” said MOS Conductor Michael O’Neal. “They are mostly in Latin but some are in old German. But Orff, whose style was rhythmic and percussive, found them the ideal medium to set to classical music.”

“O Fortuna,” which ends the second and last movements, is famous for the way it joins the chorus and the symphonic music into a crescendo and has been adapted for many movie sound tracks such as the final battle scene in the Civil War film “Glory.”

“It lends itself well to epic themes,” said O’Neal. “It is a work that is considered quite unique, even today.”

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