Metal pumpkin stolen from Milton yard

Resident wants it returned



MILTON, Ga. – Someone made off with a 35-pound metal pumpkin Oct. 25 from a home in the Creek Crossing subdivision in Milton.

“I’m blown away that someone would walk up and steal your holiday ornaments,” said owner Tammie Bender, who lives on Creek Point.

The pumpkin was part of Bender’s Halloween decorations in her front lawn. It was on one side of her front porch, with a ceramic one on the other. It was so heavy, blowing away in the wind is not likely.

She said someone came to her home overnight – between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. – and took her holiday gourd from the front lawn. It would not have been easy, either. The large, metal item would not easily fit into the back of a car. A truck would be needed, she said.

“I’m more hurt than anything else,” she said. “I was proud of how pretty that looked in my yard.”

Bender bought the pumpkin about four years ago from a now-defunct store and is not likely to be easily replaced.

She sent out an email to neighbors to be on the lookout not just for her ornament, but for their own.

“It seems that if something isn’t nailed down on your property they’ll just walk up and take it,” she wrote. “I know it was only an ornament, but it bothers me that I may have to put a padlock on my holiday ornaments in my own yard.”

If anyone has any information about Bender’s missing pumpkin, please contact

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