Meet Alpharetta's City Arborist



Did you know that the City of Alpharetta has its own City Arborist on staff? We’d like to introduce you to David Shostak, City Arborist. David has been working for the City of Alpharetta since October, 2006; and, he was named City Arborist on June 11, 2011. David’s job is to manage and maintain the City’s tree canopy through tree care, removals, and planting. He also reviews development plans for their impact on specimen trees and for their plans for new tree plantings. In addition, David is responsible for applying for annual renewal of the City’s Tree City USA designation.

David’s extensive credentials have prepared him well for his current position. He received a dual BS in Forestry and Environmental Forest Biology from the College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse NY; an MS in Forestry from Auburn University; and he has undertaken additional coursework and conducted PhD-level research in Resource Management and Stormwater from the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. David is also an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborist.

We asked David to describe his favorite part of his job as City Arborist. David particularly enjoys helping to take care of the City’s tree canopy. He helps to direct City work crews and contractors on planting, removing, and caring for the City’s trees. Very often, that requires him to stay on site while the tree care is underway. As a result, David spends about 60% of his time on the job working outside, which he particularly enjoys. David also values having the opportunity, as City Arborist, to help to educate residents and businesses about properly caring for their trees.

We’d like to invite our readers to participate in a new feature of this weekly column. This feature is called “Ask the City Arborist.” If you have a question about tree care in your own yard or elsewhere in the City, please submit your question to David at:, (please use “Ask the Arborist” as your subject line) and he will try to answer your question in an upcoming, weekly column.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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